About Girls guild and their Activities


Women’s & Girls’ Organizations in Anglican communion have the tags: Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Girls’ Guild. In Enugu diocese, these organisations are under the distinguished leadership of the Archbishop's wife, Dr Mrs Joyce N. Chukwuma (Diamond Mummy), who is their President. Girls’ Guild is therefore, an arm of the Women’s Organization established to nurture the girl child into an adult Christian. It is a platform that recovers girls from the kingdom of Darkness into the kingdom of Light and transforms them into a beacon of light to the world. This organization embraces all unmarried female youths in the diocese between the ages of 4 and above.

Girls’ Guild is different from the Nigerian Girl Guilds Association, which is a voluntary organization made up of females of all age groups both married and unmarried. It was founded by the late Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1910 with their main interest being to appropriately motivate and raise the girl child to be a responsible adult citizen.

Brief History of Girls’ Guild in Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion.

The establishment of the Girls' Guild in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) began in Lagos at the Second General Meeting of the Women’s Guild representatives in 1923. The Women’s Guild having been established in 1921, was deemed fit by Mrs. Melville Jones (the then President) to carry the girls along; hence, “The Girls’ Guild”, which is a fellowship of unmarried Girls and Ladies within the Anglican Communion with the Women’s Guild as the umbrella Guild.

The vision was carried down to the different dioceses in Nigeria. However, each diocese went home to develop their own peculiar programme for the girls / ladies to fulfil this vision. This gave rise to diocesan Girls' Guild; which started meeting in their various localities

Enugu Diocesan Girls' Guild Motto: Show the light of Jesus Christ to those In Darkness (Matt 5:16) Colour code: Green and White.

The Aim of the Girls Guild: To learn the best way to live a wholesome life, to draw people to the Lord Jesus Christ through good conduct, and selfless service in the Church and at home; in respect, reverence and self control, so as to receive all the blessings of God as due to girls worthy of trust.

Some of the training that members of Girls Guild undergo include

✓learning to cook

✓ learning to sew

✓ interpersonal social skills

Below are pictures and video of Cooking competition organized by Girls Guild of Nigeria